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Speech by Mr. Tan

In huimeizhuang · Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd

Speech at the dinner party for the end of the year of the Chinese Communist Youth League in 2019

Dear directors, guests, friends, all colleagues of the company

Good evening,everyone!

Today is the 10th anniversary of huimeizhuang · Hefei jinjinye Industrial Co., Ltd. which has been certified as a high-tech enterprise and glass project has been completed and put into operation. It is also the grand meeting of the company's 2019 League year. On this happy day, on behalf of huimeizhuang Group Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd., I would like to extend a warm welcome to you all!

First of all, with a heart of gratitude, I would like to express my high respect and sincere thanks to all the staff and directors of the local government where our company cares, to our sincere partners, to the employees who have worked hard and selflessly for a long time and your families! Thank you for your support and concern over the years, so that our company can continue to develop and grow. Today, your arrival makes us bright! Here again warmly welcome you to come!

Looking back on 2019, through your efforts, we overcame many difficulties and achieved certain results under the situation of the overall economic downturn: the annual sales revenue of Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd. was 230 million, slightly increased compared with the same period last year. More than 14 million yuan of fiscal revenue was handed in. Since 2011, the average annual growth rate has reached 29.4%.

2019 is also destined to be an important year in the company's development

On January 21, the investment cooperation agreement on intelligent control glass project was signed with the Management Committee of Chaohu development zone;

On February 28, Hefei jinjinye Zhikong Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established;

On May 22, the project of intelligent control high precision wire drawing glass products started;

At the end of November, the intelligent automatic printing line was officially put into use;

In the same year, Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd. has obtained 12 utility model patent certificates, and one invention patent has entered the publicity stage;

The year of 2019 is also the year when Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd. obtained the qualification certification of high-tech enterprises;

In the past years, Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully applied for Hefei enterprise technology center;

Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "five labor awards" of the trade union of the Development Zone in 2019;

Through automation transformation, the company has realized 74 posts of "machine acting for people"

In this year, through the hard work and continuous progress of all the staff of the company, the company has made great achievements in customer development and market share has been rising. At present, the company has embraced with high spirit and high service level "Midea", "Haier", "Xueqi", "TCL", "Skyworth", "Hisense", "Changhong" and other large domestic home appliance enterprises, as well as foreign home appliance enterprises with successful cooperation: "Toshiba", "Mitsubishi", "Aucma", "whirlpool", "Hitachi", "sharp", as well as overseas customers in Southeast Asia, customers increased by 40% compared with last year. At present, the company's position in the top three has been improved!

As mentioned above, the development of the company is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of employees, the care and support of people from all walks of life, and the strong support and care of government departments at all levels. In the process of growth and development, our company has received the care of the leaders of all departments at the higher level: the secretaries and directors of the provincial department, several mayors of Hefei City, the chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, several teams of our local development zone and relevant staff, who inspected, investigated and guided our company, which greatly encouraged us!

I think in the days to come, Hefei Jinye will continue to practice the values of "creating great value for customers and being a valuable supplier for customers", follow the behavior policy of "integrity first, work attitude first, business reputation first, production safety first, product quality first and customers always first", and adhere to the corporate culture of "learning, innovation and going with you" and adhering to the "thinking" "Boundless, Zhigao belt connecting five continents; travel boundless, dutiful road to the world" is ambitious, do a good job in every work. We must have a pattern of "no complacency, but great confidence" to meet the opportunities and challenges in all aspects in the future!

Ten years of sharpening the sword and setting sail again

Hefei Jinye Industrial Co., Ltd. has been ten years since its predecessor Chaohu huimeizhuang Material Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. In the past ten years, we have gone through trials and hardships, we are constantly striving for self-improvement, we are united and striving, we are determined to forge ahead. We have reason, confidence and ability to build a stronger enterprise!

The purpose of summing up the past is to better draw lessons from experience and better plan and develop the future. Combined with the construction of Hefei Jinye intelligent control glass technology Co., Ltd., and the investment of intelligent and automatic production line, we believe that our production capacity, output value and quality will reach a higher platform in the near future. Looking forward to the future, the company has determined the development goal of nearly three years: Hefei Jinjin Industry Co., Ltd. will strive to achieve the sales target of 310 million in 2020. On this basis, we will strive to achieve the sales target of 500 million in 2021 and 600 million in 2022 through technical transformation, capacity expansion and acceleration of the construction of phase II project of intelligent control.

To achieve this goal, the company has formulated a development plan from 2020 to 2022

Speed up the investment in automation and intelligence, and create the mode of "Mr. industry";

2、 Strengthen the cooperation of production, learning and research, improve the quality of employees, and realize the transformation from production and processing type to technology research and development to introduce new materials, new sense and new trend of appearance decoration;

3、 Set up a doctor's workstation, dedicated to the application of new materials and new processes, focusing on glass surface treatment technology, introducing more abundant appearance products for the market, and achieving technology transcendence and priority;

4、 On the basis of the high-precision wire drawing color crystal products phase project of Zhikong Glass Technology Co., Ltd., another 150 million yuan is invested to build a new phase II project with an annual output of 2.2 million sets of intelligent control high-precision wire drawing color crystal products, self-cleaning glass and vacuum magnetic control coated glass.

These are the goals of our company in the next three years, and also the three years when we roll up our sleeves and work hard!

Today, we hold a dinner party of huimeizhuang · Hefei jinjinye Industrial Co., Ltd. in the Yuanzhou Haoting hotel. We have prepared some thin wine. Thank you! I hope you can have a good drink and have a good time. On the occasion of the coming new year, I would like to extend my sincere wishes to you and your family

Ankang, Ruyi, Jixiang, thank you for your presence!


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