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The carbon plate can achieve mirror luster, smooth appearance, pure and soft color, and eliminate color difference

Carbon plate truly achieve mirror luster, flat appearance, pure soft color, transparent color, metal sharp will not cause damage to its surface, super impact resistance, heavy pressure, combustion, moisture-proof, non-toxic environmental protection and many other points, scratch resistance: the product is carbonized additive material, the overall hardness is as high as 7.5 degrees Mohs, only diamond "diamond" class, the object will cause its surface Slight scratch, no other object will leave a trace on its surface.

Corrosion resistance:

High density carbonization products, strong acid, strong alkali "except hydrofluoric acid" and other chemical corrosion reagents will not bring any corrosion changes to the products. This kind of door board is popular with the majority of users in the year of listing, but the price is high, suitable for high-end consumer groups! Resistance to heavy pressure: Quartz carbonization instantaneous combustion process, 2mm thickness can carry 150 kg weight.

Impact resistance:

Because of its high strength and toughness, only 2 mm thick 300 g steel ball with 1 meter height will not cause any damage. No color difference: using original imported color coating materials, computer memory color ratio resolution equipment spraying, long time, multi batch production will not produce color difference problem.

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